Community Giving

Community Giving

Paul McKinney,

Operating Board President

Witnessing the impact Goodwill services have on people throughout greater Nebraska makes supporting their annual campaign an easy decision. Each month the operating board and I learn just how crucial services are to individuals in need. Over 2,000 people each year gain skills to work successfully, live independently and contribute to our communities. For some, Goodwill services allow them to continue their recovery journey. I am blessed to be a part of this great organization and fully support their mission. I hope you will too. It is an organization whose services have long lasting impacts on individuals, families and communities.

Mike Garrett,

Foundation Board President

I have been supporting Goodwill’s annual campaign and other events for many, many years and I am honored to do so. The work they do to support individuals living with disabilities is top-notch. They truly care about the people they serve and provide services with compassion, respect and integrity. As funds from other sources decline, your gift is more important than ever. I hope you will join me in supporting Goodwill’s annual campaign and support people to live their best lives.

Robin Dexter,

Operating Board & Foundation Board

Please join me in supporting Goodwill Industries of Greater Nebraska in their annual campaign. Goodwill provides jobs and supports independent living skills for individuals with disabilities or barriers to reach their full potential as contributing members of society. As a Goodwill board member, I have the opportunity to interact with people in services and to hear success stories about individuals living independently and thriving in the greater Nebraska area. Goodwill impacts many Nebraskans and I hope you will support Goodwill by giving to their annual campaign.

Cheryl Brei,

Retired, Former CFO Goodwill Industries of Greater NE

Working at Goodwill allowed me the opportunity to see first-hand the amazing impact services have on participants across greater Nebraska. I witnessed the commitment of Goodwill staff working to achieve our mission of helping people with disabilities and barriers reach their goals and improve their quality of life. I continue to follow their events and am humbled to see participants active and contributing positively in our communities. It brings me great joy to know I was once a part of this great organization. Our Nebraska communities have been supportive of Goodwill in the past and I hope you will join me in continuing
to support them again this year.